Aircraft rental (wet):

(plus 6% Idaho sales tax)

$149/hour – for flight training


$159/hour – for backcountry operations


$139/hour – for ferry, or a pre-paid block time of 35 flight training hours (a $350 savings ) 




Flight instructors:

(tax exempt)

$64/hour (ground or flight)


Cost of Learning to Fly - by Rod Machado




Financial Policies




Stick & Rudder Aviation offers a discounted aircraft rental rate to "student" pilots ONLY.  The discount is offered as an incentive to finish basic training culminating in a pilots license.  The "Block-Time" discount is applied when 35 hours are pre-paid prior to starting training.  If the training is cancelled prior to 35 hours of training - past aircraft rental will be charged at the retail rate and the balance refunded.  The Block-Time discount can not be repeated or extended.


If training is requested out-of-town – a flat day rate ($480/day) is charged for the instructor being gone 24 hours from his family, his home, and his potential diminished revenue.

Instructor lodging, meals, and transportation expenses will be reimbursed at their actual cost.

Kitfox ferry time is charged at the discounted rate.





A deposit is required to reserve a training window on our schedule. Once we receive your deposit - we will send you a confirmation of your reservation.


We require a $500 deposit for every week of training you reserve on our schedule.

We do not ask for a deposit for 1/2 day demonstration flights.


The deposit is NON-refundable if you cancel within 30 days of your reservation. We will hold the deposit on account for 6 months in the hopes you will reschedule. Once you start your training the deposit will be used towards your training balance.


Please review and send a signed copy of the "Contract for Training Services" listed below with your deposit.  Please send to the address on the "Contact-Us" page.


Contract for Training Services (pdf)


Stick & Rudder Aviation looks forward to working with you and helping you to full-fill your dreams of flight.




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