How much does it cost to learn to fly?

Please see the “Sport Pilot” & “Pricing” page

  Please budget for 35+ hours @ $203/hour = $7105  (pre-paid block time)

This should more than cover your self-study ground school materials, taking into consideration for the lower hourly rate while solo, plus adding the examiners fee and check ride flight time.


      How long does it take?

Please see the “Sport Pilot” page

  Please give yourself a 3+ weeks here in local area.

We will start out with 2-4 hours/day, and as you build stamina and proficiency, work towards 6+ hours/day.


      I'm already a pilot, and now I'd like to add a tailwheel endorsement?

Please see the “Tailwheel Transition” page

Please plan on 3 full days here – start in the AM, we'll fly all day, every day together with numerous leg-stretch walks along a grass airstrip, and lunch breaks at airport cafe's.  Most pilots with nose-wheel habits,  and sleepy feet average 10-15 hours before they become proficient, consistent, and safe.


      When can I come?

Please send me an E-mail with your proposed training window – I'll check the schedule, and either confirm, or offer availability options

we experience 4 equyal seasons of moderate weather – and can often fly year-round.  March through November are ideal (when the weather is more predictable, and the backcountry airstrips are void of snow).  Please give at least a 2-3 week heads-up inquiry – as I'm usually booked up 2-3 weeks out (often 2 months out May-September).


      What do I need to do to prepare?

Please see all the associated video and document links throughout the web site regarding: Tailwheel techniques, Rotax engine operations, and Glass panel interpretation & function

If a student pilot....

Please complete the a self-study or lecture ground school course – I have recommendations listed to meet one's various learning styles within the web site.

Please take the written exam at your nearest computer testing center – with your goal for a grade of 90% or better.

"Preparation checklist" 


      Where do I stay?

We have found... A good nights rest (and a good meal) is critical to receiving and retaining the most our training has to offer.

Therefore, we strongly suggest - you do not use the cheapest or closest hotels to our base - which are often next to chain truck stop restaurants.  Historically, the reviews back from clients have been very poor, along with their missed training days.

Please print our attached recommendation for your visit "Hotels, Food, and Entertainment"

      Whats the best way to discuss my future training?

Please E-mail me

As I'm often up flying dawn to dusk daily – you will probably get an answering machine if you call.  With an E-mail - we'll have a contact record of our communications – then I can respond every evening to your inquiry – and you'll have a reply the following morning.

I'd still be happy to talk with you on the phone, if you can give me the early morning and late evening windows you are available to answer.


Please review the web site, and then send me your questions as they pop up.

 Thank you

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