Kitfox Specific Training



So you've been following the growth and buzz of Kitfox Aircraft for years – and always dreamed of building your own..




 You've spent many long hours meticulously building a Kitfox to your exacting standards and aesthetics, but you haven't had time to get the flight training...




Your kit is finally ready for flight test, but there's a concerned about bending something on the first flight that you've worked so very hard to achieve.  Wouldn't you rather try to bend mine, than yours?...




Based on your lifestyle you don't have the time or the place to build, you just want to fly, and have decided to buy a custom 100% factory-built Kitfox.  It may still be months before it's yours –  why wait for your flight training...




You say you can't find an experienced Kitfox instructor – and your insurance requires a few hours in your Kitfox before you can fly yours...




Stick & Rudder Aviation can tailor your flight training to satisfy any the above listed scenario's (and more) in our brand-new 2010 Kitfox “Light Sport” (basically the latest version of a Series 7 Super Sport).


We know you will love the aircraft from first sight – and especially through the paces we will put it through.


Some will say that LSA's are not durable enough ?   Nonsense !




Our Kitfox is cleanly and simply equipped with: 


  • http://www.adflight-The “Advanced Flight Systems 10.4” electronic flight display AFS-5600    http://www.advanced-flight-

  • Bose noise-canceling headsets,

  • PS engineering intercom,

  • Garmin radio and digital transponder,

  • 8.50 x 6 or 26” Alaska Bushwheel tires and tailwheel




Based on your time and experience, please consider spending some of your flight time in the Idaho Backcountry while familiarizing yourself with the Kitfox.

If your family and work constraints limit your time away – please consider having us bring the Kitfox to you (either way lodging, meals, and ground transportation will be an expense)


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