Interested in training for a tailwheel endorsement, sport pilot license, gaining mountain-flying proficiency, or maybe just wanting to get some Kitfox type-specific training prior to flying your own new Kitfox?


Stick & Rudder Aviation, in Boise Idaho, is proud to offer flight training in TWO brand-new Kitfox  S-LSA “Super Sport's"


Both are equipped for the Backcountry - with a 115 hp Turbo-charged Rotax 914 UL, Alaska Bushwheels, and an Advance Flight System Electronic flight deck (with terrain & obstacle moving map, synthetic vision, and seamless electronic sectionals).

These aircraft offer a unique combination of a well-proven design that is perfectly suited to backcountry flying, and the Light Sport classification – that allows Sport Pilot certification (including a tailwheel endorsement) in as few as 35 hours.


All ready a pilot? - this aircraft is a great choice for that tailwheel endorsement, or for exploring the backcountry airstrips with their highly qualified instructor(s).  Thinking of buying a Kitfox or just completed building one – test fly ours here first – you'll love it.


The following training page links will hopefully answer most of your questions about our flight training programs and teaching philosophy.  When you're all done with your review – please don't hesitate to send us an Email with any additional questions or the dates you would like to do your training. 




Thank you for your interest.


We look forward to working with you and help you to full-fill your dreams of flight.



Stick & Rudder Lesson Plan (pdf)

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