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Stick & Rudder Aviation was founded with the vision to fill a “first in the world” niche in Kitfox tailwheel flight training, not offered by most other Flight Schools... 


To provide a unique opportunity to train in the canyons and mountains of Idaho; to fly a a brand-new well-respected high-performance light sport aircraft; learn from an instructor with the 37 years of backcountry and around the world experience; and then find yourself with the skills to rent the same aircraft to fly out on your own adventure.



Interested in training for a tailwheel endorsement, Pilot license, gaining Backcountry-flying proficiency, or maybe just wanting to get some Kitfox type-specific training prior to flying your own Kitfox you just bought or built?


Stick & Rudder Aviation, based on a private air ranch 35 miles West of Boise, Idaho, is proud to offer Kitfox-specific flight training in 3 factory-built Kitfox Series 7 “Super Sport's"


All our Kitfox's are equipped for the Backcountry - with Rotax engines (Turbo-charged (914), and injected (912isSport with AirMaster prop), 26" Alaska Bushwheels, and an Advance Flight System Electronic flight deck (with terrain/obstacle moving map, synthetic vision, and seamless electronic sectionals).

These Kitfox's offer a unique combination performance, reliabilty, and handling that was specifically designed for Backcountry flying, and meets the definition of Light Sport (with considerable useful load) – that allows for Sport Pilot certification (including a tailwheel, & Class C/D endorsements) in as few as 50 hours.  Training to a Private, Commercial, and CFI licenses is also readily available.


All ready a pilot? - the Kitfox is a great choice for that tailwheel endorsement, or for exploring the backcountry airstrips with our highly qualified instructor(s).  Consider another quite unique experience...our "Backcountry Training Tours" - with overnight stays at Wilderness Ranches, while mastering a wide vatiety of Baccountry airsrtips in-between each day.  Thinking of buying or building a Kitfox – test fly ours here first – I'm confident you'll love it.


Opening the TABS above, should answer most of your questions about our flight training programs, and teaching philosophy.  Once fully reviewed review – please don't hesitate to send us an Email (through the "Contact" page) with any additional questions or the dates you would like to propose to accomplish your training goals. 


Please understand, due to the exponentially increasing demand for our unique training programs - always tailored to each individuals goals - we typically are booked months in advance.  Please plan ahead as much as possible.  Please understand, when we are training in the Backcountry with no cell service - we can only respond by Satallite Internet whe overnight @ some Backcountry Ranches - there may be a several day delay in our replies to you.


 Thank you for your interest.


We look forward to working with you, to help you full-fill your dreams of flight in a Kitfox.


Stick & Rudder Lesson Plan  (pdf)

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